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Tuesday, May 21st & Wednesday, May 22nd 2019


In celebration of this years spot prawn season, Executive Chef Mike Robbins and team have put together a tasting menu to showcase one of British Columbia’s most exciting times of the year.

On Tuesday, May 21st join the AnnaLena team for a one night dinner of Modern Canadian showcased through the spot prawn.



The BC Spot Prawn

The bounty of our local spot prawn harvest has not always been so readily available to our market. Only back in 2006 almost 100% of the annual prawn harvest was shipped to Japan and Asia where the demand (and price) are consistently very high.

Even still we are looking at only around 10% of BC spot prawns that are available in the local market and with that the AnnaLena team has decided to give this amazing product it’s own stage.

This global status has given the BC spot prawn an amazing reputation world wide. Every May, lasting 6 - 8 weeks, 2,450 metric tons of spot prawns are fished from our waters, mostly in the waters that lie in between Vancouver Island and the mainland. The largest of commercial shrimp on the West Coast, the BC spot prawn is sweet, firm and delicate allowing our team to showcase a number of different expressions of this amazing and versatile product. 

Each course will contain an element of BC spot prawn and we will also have wine pairings available for each course.

6 Course Tasting Menu + Amuse + Petit Fours


[ does not include taxes & service charges ]

Any substitutions or modifications will be politely declined

Seating is limited.