Felix Craft - A Sit Down With AnnaLena's Junior Sous Chef

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The freshest talent lines-up every evening in Kitsilano’s award-winning kitchen, AnnaLena.

Felix Craft out of Somerset, England, joins the team as Junior Sous, bringing more flair than just his plating skills into the mix. With 6 years under his knife, Felix cultivated his techniques through various roles in the industry; from tomato chopper at a classic Italian Restaurant to Private Chef for a notable Russian Goalkeeper.

Growing up in Bath, UK, before moving to the coasts of Cornwall to work under Michelin starred Nathan Outlaw and then on to set up a restaurant with MasterChef winner James Nathan. Felix arrived in Canada early fall 2017 and has fully settled into Vancouverite lifestyle. 

We caught up with Felix between his daily snowboard, yoga, and ramen fix to have a chat and get to know him better.


Let’s talk education? Where did it all start?

My teacher was Gordon Jones- a mad Scottish Chef who had one of the best restaurants in the UK for a few years. He also had one of the biggest ego’s.


What is your hospitality philosophy?

Take your job seriously, but not yourself.


What do you love most about this industry?

It’s a hard graft, you start from the bottom and work hard to make your way up. No jumping the queue with expensive degrees and lucky breaks.


What interests you about AnnaLena and where do you see the overall direction heading?

AnnaLena isn’t following any guidelines or rulebooks to try and be something. It is what it is and continues to go its own way. I want to keep it fresh, removing any opportunity to copy or be copied within the industry.


In one sentence: what do you do in your role at AnnaLena?

I try to be Erin’s mini-me.


What is your favourite part of the job?

Putting features on.


Least favorite?

Wearing a finger condom.

What is your most memorable experience on the job thus far?

Cooking at the wedding of 3 Michelin starred Clare Smyth MBE, while Claude Bosi, Gordon Ramsay and Nathan Outlaw stood at the pass watching Tom Brown and I cook. There was also a live band set up by the kitchen playing wedding classics like - Toploader and Earth Wind and Fire. It was a surreal experience. 


Any notable celebrity encounters?

Ramsay saying I needed to get off the sunbeds.


Hidden talents?

Make a cracking Nesquik.


What are your travel passions?

Surf, Eat, Sleep. And then do it again every day.


What are your other passions?

Anything on a board, and music. Good music is key!


Favorite way to get some exercise?

Running for the bus.


If you weren't in your current job, what else would you like to be doing?

Marine biology - trying to save the planet.


It’s your turn to cook for friends or family at home – what do you make?

This time of year it's got to be lamb. Back home we used to go down the beach for potluck dinners. And around now we would have lamb coming out of our friends farm and another one of our friends worked on an asparagus farm. So BBQ lamb, grilled asparagus, mint sauce and a tabbouleh salad, with a proper pint of English ale to wash it down. 


If you could sit down at a private table in any restaurant in the world with just one person, where would it be and with who?

My Dad at Eleven Madison Park, in New York City.


What is your favourite thing to eat when nobody is watching?

Nesquik (a cracking one).


You’re granted three wishes – what are they?

Go grey, not bald.

Take back Brexit.

Stay happy.


Lastly, are there any quotes relevant to your professional / life philosophy?

It’s taken me all my life to learn what not to play - Dizzy Gillespie