Odd is in Season



The Odd Society Distillery opened up to the public on October 30th, 2013 and was born out of the love for the science of the craft, at the hands of Distiller Gordon Glanz, and his wife Miram Karp. Gordon honed his passion for spirits, earning his MSc from Edinburgh’s Heriot Watt University.

The name of their distillery is truly representative of the products that they create. They’re different than traditional spirits. East Van vodka, representative of where they are located in the port district of Vancouver, is creamy and made of malted barley; the Wallflower gin, combines maceration and vapour extraction techniques to achieve a delicate, mildly floral, refreshing gin; their Bittersweet vermouth, is more versatile than most sweet or dry vermouths and works well in Manhattans and Martinez’s; and now their newly released amaro, Mia Ama, meaning "My Beloved", is named after their daughter.

They also have an oaken expression of their gin, a beautiful crème de cassis, and a ‘white dog’ whisky (un-aged), made from 100% rye grown in Dawson Creek, BC.

What makes a product a craft product is not just the methods used to make it, or the traditions they are drawn from, or the love that goes into the product, it's all about the ingredients and where they come from. In British Columbia this means that all the products must come from within our provincial borders.

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For us, in our cocktail culture here at the restaurant, we choose products that are unique to the styles of drinks we create. As local as possible, as often as we can, it’s important to work with the creative expressions that resonate with the passion that goes in to our work, in each and every drink.

This is why the Dutchess, one of our best selling cocktails, uses Wallflower gin. Dutchess was the name of my grandmothers dog and rather than paying to have a park bench plaque with the pups name on it, she gets a drink named after her. The drink is bright and refreshing, subtly floral, and finished off with a touch of sweetness in in its caramel


The Dutchess: 2oz Wallflower Gin // 0.75oz Kalamansi Puree // 0.75oz Vanilla Syrup // 0.5oz Lemon // Caramel & Peach Foam


Enjoy - Kevin Brownlee



photos: instagram.com/oddsocietyspirits